MEGA Downloader [Latest] V1.7 Download for PC & Get Any of the Files Hosted on


MEGA Downloader supervenes to be an application that allows Windows users to download any of the files hosted on, in a very convenient manner.

Intrinsically dispensing users with the cloud storage services, MEGA Downloader 2018 promotes quick storing, sharing and downloading of the indispensable files to a Windows PC.

Entrusting to be a free application for download and installation, MEGA Downloader exe gives details regarding the speed of download, file size, download status, and progressing stage of the file installation.

By just copying the URL of the desired file, MEGA Downloader for Windows PC aims for its instant download, with pasting the same at the app location.

MEGA Downloader

App Name: MEGA Downloader

Version: V1.7

Developer: Andres_age

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

Last Updated: September 04, 2018

The latest 2018 version of MEGA Downloader for MEGA.CO.NZ is 1.7. The application is available for the free download and installation, on every update of a Windows PC. The app size of MEGA Downloader for pc is minimalistic. Users can get their hands on the safest download of this app, by clicking the download button as mentioned herein.

Latest MEGA Downloader File Information

Application MEGA Downloader
File Size 2.0 MB
Total Downloads 75,000+
Supported OS Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Developer Andres_age
Last Updated September 04, 2018

System Requirements to Run MEGA Downloader

  • Windows PC requires NET4.0 or a higher version of it.
  • Works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • If a user desires to run the application in a different language, the app demands to customize it manually.

How to use MEGA Downloader to Download from MEGA?

As said above, MEGA Downloader is a very transparent and portable application to use. Follow the steps as mentioned below to comfortably use MEGA Downloader to download files from MEGA:

  • Download and install the Ultima version of the application in your windows PC, by clicking the download tab/link as given in this content.
  • Copy the desired download link of the file from MEGA.NZ. Next, launch the link in the Installed MEGA Downloader which resides in your PC.
  • The application self-generates the copied links to process them for the download.
  • Ensure that the link comprises of the download key, as well as the URL.

Advantages of using MEGA Downloader

  • The download manager is free of ads.
  • The application can be downloaded and processed for free.
  • It is instantaneous with the apt process management.
  • The app accommodates distinctive features and is nourished with designs.
  • Supports various apps such as VLC and IDM.

Screenshots of MEGA Downloader


Though MEGA Downloader does not list as an official application, it is completely safe to get the sorted files from MEGA.NZ for your Windows PC. The fact which adds a jewel in the crown is that the MEGA Downloader is completely free and lets users download the multiple files at a particular point of time during his online sessions.

All it needs is to just paste a correct URL, followed by a click on download button. It is to be carefully noted that many fishy websites such as reddit etc., promote a malicious and erred download of files. On the contrary, this website aims to serve its users with 100% safe and secured download.

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